Tuesday, June 07, 2011


Throughout the day, there are things I witness, read, hear and even do that make me think hey, that's something I can blog about. However, the day wears on then some stupid hour rolls along and I sit in front of the computer to write and all of a sudden, my brain is shumpled; filled with emptiness where all those experiences were filling me with ideas - all gone.

The yawns get closer together, they eyes grow heavier and the mind seems blanker even when I know it feels like it's bursting at the seems. The body grows weary and tries to negotiate it's way through the remaining tasks of the evening even when sleep seems the only logical conclusion.

Shumpled for now; it's not necessarily a bad thing and the best one can do when shumpled is not to fight it, the thoughts will come nother time and perhaps, I'll have a notepad handy to keep notes on so I can retain the thoughts that I can no longer recall, the thoughte that resulted from the clevernes of clarity when there was nothing short of this day past in front of me.

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