Monday, July 11, 2011

Derek Jeter

Consistently one of the classiest guys in the sport of baseball, a consummate professional and teammate and a real ladies man. I type this post just hours after Derek Jeter became only the 28th player in the history of Major League Baseball to amass 3,000 hits (and only the second in history to do it with a long ball). Aside from the obvious celebratory delay of the game amongst team mates and the fans, I must give kudos to the Tampa Bay team for their awesome show of respect to the future hall of famer.
Jeter would be the first to tell you that after 17 seasons (he's currently playing in his 17th) that he's lost a step or two but he's still got the drive, determination and the heart of that 21 year old kid that became a Yankee and stayed one. Jeter is a model athlete and public figure and I have such great admiration for all he has accomplished. Congratulations on this historic moment in your career.

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