Sunday, July 03, 2011

La Forza Del Destino

When I first opened the "New Post" window and typed in the title, the plan was to write a story involving two very specific characters. The story was based on some very deep feelings that are real and as it tuned out, so deep and so real that what I hoped to craft into a story became more of an expression of reality.

While that what was in me is now out of me, in some form, I decided it's not something to share here at this time so instead, please accept the following for today's entry into this blog:

This is a poem I wrote way back. It's called "I Sit Here Alone" and while the subject is suicide, it's not with a grim ending. It was published in an "e-zine" many years ago, before the Internet and back in the days of electronic BBS systems, this particular one was focused on poetry. Soon after it was published I received considerable feedback about the positive message it ends with and that was very validating to me. I've know victims of suicide but while I've been to some dark, lonely and sad places - I've never thought about it myself but have wondered what could possibly lead someone to that choice. Here's the poem:

I Sit Here Alone

I sit here alone – waiting to die
No reason to live
Just reasons to cry

All that I live for – has cast me away
Forgetting tomorrow
To end it today

I sit here alone – confused as I weep
Wishing for death
While I fall asleep

The pain grows stronger – each breath that I take
Could it be that my life
Was one big mistake

I sit here alone – and I pray to the Lord
Make peace a weapon
And hand me the sword

Please give me the strength – and the will to survive
Tell me there are reasons
To be alive
I sit here alone – waiting to hear
Knowing that someday
Someone will care

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The Dreamer said...

Very nice poem..loved it