Friday, July 22, 2011

Las Vegas 2011 - The Video Collection

I have finally gone and edited all of the footage I shot last week in Las Vegas and thought I would put the wrap up on my trip by offering here a few of the videos I have assembled:

The first is the extended version of a day on the Las Vegas Strip, which clocks in at 9:17 (the shorter 3+ minute version follow):

If you prefer the shorter 3ish minute version of that day on the strip (or loved the long version so much, you just can't wait to see how it was edited) - here's the version assembled using the same clips with the "Magic Movie" feature of the flipCam software:

Now onto Freemont Street, or more accurately, "The Freemont Street Experience". Freemont Street is sometimes referred to as "Old Las Vegas", or "Downtown Las Vegas" and is the home of many of the famous wedding chapels and the pawn shop seen on the TV show "Pawn Stars".

This first video is called "The Freemont Street Experience - Summer of the 80's" and runs about four and a half minutes showing the sights, sounds and, well - this is Freemont St. as seen through the lens of my flipCam in all it's - well, I shall let you decide:

Finally, the 80's theme on Fremont Street was most notable in the live music, This last video is 4:20 shot during a set of an outstanding 80's cover band called "The Nancy Rayguns" (gotta love that name); as good as the band was, the crowd was something else - the lens does not lie...enjoy:

Both the business and pleasure components of my trip were terrific and it was especially awesome to hang out with Danny and JoAnne, whom I hadn't seen in nearly 20 years.

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