Monday, July 11, 2011

A Quick Live Check-In from Las Vegas

Hey all, landed in Vegas a little before noon (LV time). It took a little while for my luggage to surface and grab a ride to the hotel but hey, not too bad. My room was ready so they let me check-in. It's pretty nice suite I must say however, three years ago I stayed at the sister property next door, the Palazzo and that was way ritzier (believe me, this isn't at all shabby but the suite I had at the Palazzo was majestic).

Once I unpacked, yes, I do that on stays of this length, I did what any normal guy does the minute he arrive in sin-city, I went to the gym! Really! The treadmills in that place are a dream. I worked up a nice sweat since I had to leave so early from home and didn't get my usual workout in - it felt good.I cam back to the suite (I know, I should be calling it the room by now but I am still showing off) for a shower then a call to my pal Dan who I am going to meet up with later.

Dan, and his wife JoAnn are old friends from the Brooklyn days and I haven't seen them in nearly two decades. They live out here in Vegas so it's going to be great to spend my off time from work with them.

Okay, outta here for now.

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