Saturday, July 23, 2011

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

I know that to many, it seemed inevitable that Amy Winehouse wouldn't live long enough to see her 30th birthday. However, hearing of her death, at the so very young age of 27, even knowing of her troubles with drugs, alcohol and all around hard living, makes it no less tragic.

It's especially tragic to those who've taken a moment to put aside the media coverage of the train wreck of a life she led and focused on the brilliant music she created and the the magical voice she possessed.

I know it would be easier to do that thing where you say she got what was coming to her and that there are far more tragic deaths of young people who had nothing to do with their deaths. The fact is, all are tragic in their own context.

I suppose all we can wish for is that in death she finds the peace she never seemed to find and I have no idea if she ever sought in life. May her family and friends come to terms with their loss and find a way to move forward with some positive memories.

While there is not nearly the body of work left behind that could have been, I know I will cherish whatever there is because it's as good as any music ever made. Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.

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