Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sin City Rears It's True Nature- Live Update 2

With the time difference factored in, I've been up quite a few hours in a row and it was a travel day. I thought I would take it light - as you saw from my last update.

My old buddy Dan came to pick me up around 5:30 Vegas time last night and we went over to his house and had some pizza and chat. Then He looked tired and I was starting to give in and thought it best to call it a night since he was kind enough to drive me back to the hotel.

I get back and literally the minute I walk into the hotel with the intent of going to my room and calling it a day, I walk past where I saw the sugar-free gelato I saw earlier (to my delight for a later try) and there is someone I know siting there having a gelato. It was fate and I treated myself to a sugar-free almond gelato.

While eating said gelato, I get a message from my old colleague Wayne that he was heading over to Margaritaville and would love to see me there. Yikes - okay, I'll have 1 drink then go back. Well, I did only have one drink, thankfully the service sucked making it unpleasant to even consider staying for "just one more" so we left and and then we went up to Wayne's room where he, his wife and I watched ESPN and chatted for a bit before my eyed began to roll behind my skull begging for sleep.

I said I surrender and left to return to my room where I now type this after brushing my teeth and now  I must go sleep. As I type these last words, it's 1:15 am Vegas time, 4:15 am Boston time (just 45 minutes from when I normally awake on a work day and just about 23.5 hours from when I last awoke.


Update at 11:20am
  • I hit the gym at 6:30 am and to my surprise, it was packed- I had to wait for a treadmill.
  • Took a stroll down one end of the strip and noticed there is still a large empty gap of nothing between the Fashion Show mall and Circus Circus - these were the former sights if the Westward Ho and the Stardust hotels.
  • Going to meet a colleague for lunch at noon-ish (west coast time of course) and attending conference stuff from 2-7 then going to check out the other end of the strip.
  • Later all.

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