Sunday, July 10, 2011


Just to be clear, I am typing this while coherent at 6:18pm on Saturday. There is travel in the air (literally and figuratively) and many preparations are being made and there is a dreaded alarm that will sound at 3:00 am on Sunday morning (that's now in the past) so that I can drive Victoria to where she will depart for the airport en-route to her first trip away without either of her parents.

The noble young lass will be in Washington, D.C. for a week doing mission work along with a dozen or so others from our church and many, may others from churches across the country.

I'll need to return home for what will hopefully be easy to get a few more z's before awaking at around 6ish, getting in a workout, heading to church for services (all now in the past if successful) then returning home to finish packing and preparing for my trip (oh, I need to get a haircut too).

I head out early Monday morning on a flight bound for "Sin City" where I will be attending Blackboard World 2011 and spending some off-time with a few old Brooklyn friends who now live in Las Vegas. I haven't seen the O'Connors in nearly two decades so there's lot's to catch up on and they are such good and fun people that I an pretty psyched about the trip (only one thing could have made it better, if "Larry Crumholz" was coming along-LOL).

I'll try to check in from Vegas here and there - I have a few posts prepared and scheduled to post daily for at least the next few days and we shall see what posting opportunities arise from deep in the dessert. I suspect there may be some photos, perhaps some audio and who knows, maybe even video - for sure there'll be some stories to tell but in the meantime, I need to mentally prepare for a 3 am alarm - catchya later.

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