Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I've learned, relearned and/or observed at the conference thus far:

  •  If you try hard enough (took 3 tries for me), you can get an elevator full of people to vogue (strike a pose) on the next floor the doors open.
  • It's possible to convince people that they should get on the elevator even though there is limited space because in fact, you are the "fun" elevator
  • By extension of the last one, it's possible to get a group of people to believe you are the "leader"of the elevator.
  • It's possibly to slightly annoy the CEO and president of a major global corporation by stepping in front of the camera filming him to do schtick.
  • Anyone that has a cup, glass, or other drinking vessel with do a "cheers" with you if you have the right personality.
  • I am looking "svelter" than ever.
  • I am "handsomeish, devilish, sort".
  • "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" is a myth.
  • In order to get a "sicilian" style pizza in Nevada requires at least 24 hours advanced notice.
  • Apparently the Chinese people that live in Nevada think Lo Mein is actually Chow Mein.

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