Thursday, August 04, 2011

Another Embarrassing Day to Be an American

While the 500+ point dive in the stock market may not directly be only the fault of unintelligent Americans selling everything they own in a panic, it's driven by the stupid Americans who support the political agenda of the conservative party and in this case, both parties who neglect to consider the American public for whom they serve and simply make decision, that affect the rest of us, based on how it might advance their political agendas, that only seem to positively affect them.

Still befuddling, why do we allow the Christian Conservatives (whom I think are scarier and as dangerous as any radical religious group in the land) to control the Republican party and why do otherwise intelligent people who are Republicans because of their belief in the political/fiscal conservative principles of the party allow this to continue?

I am a Christian but I am not a freak and no that God has no place in politics. I don't believe the Republican ideals can make a positive difference in out country but I do respect that those principles are based on anything but religion.

Let's leave our religious beliefs in our hearts and in our churches and anywhere else but politics, it does not belong there.

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