Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Q and A Fun

Q. When you buy/receive new clothes, do you wash them before wearing them?
A. Yes. I happen to hate trying on clothes for fit because there is a chance some stranger has worn it before.

Q. Did you have braces growing up? Did you hate them or tolerate them? Were you happy with the results when they were taken off?
A. I did have braces from the ages of 10 to 13. Before I got them, I had a rather prolific overbite and was super self conscious - even that young. I hated having them because all of the traumatic mocking that happens to kids with braces happened to me. Plus, it really sucked when you had to go have them "tightened" and on the occasion they would snap in the mouth - crap, that hurt like hell! While my overbite was much less prolific after they were taken off, I've never liked my teeth.

Q. If you have or could have a vanity plate for your car, what does/would it say and mean?
A. I once had one that said "BOOBA" - a girlfriend in the past called me that and someone once told me it meant "Doll" in Yiddish but I never confirmed that. I gave up the vanity plate because I think it's silly to pay so much extra money per year for it and I don't believe I would ever pay for one again unless at some point money was no longer an object (and even then I likely wouldn't waste it on a vanity plate). However, were I to have one, I'd like it to say HEEDEEDEE. You can read all about the meaning of Hee Dee Dee here.

Okay then, I think three questions is enough - go have yourself a grand little time now.

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