Thursday, August 25, 2011

Irene Alert Etc.

With an earthquake just behind us, the east coast now prepares for a hurricane named "Irene", which promises the potential for some major damage. Here's a plea for all who might be affected to heed the call, don't be a hero or just assume it won't happen because it hasn't...take care of yourselves and your family and friends.

Did you see the story where the dog of a fallen soldier was at his service and laid there before the casket? There were photos online - so very moving - beyond words.

Some people need to get a sense of humor, especially since you supposedly had one at one time.

Steve Jobs - I've made it no secret that I do not like this man and I think he is bad for Apple and for the customers of Apple. However, he is very ill and I do not wish that for him. Also, I'd be a fool not to acknowledge his part in making Apple a major business success - the problem I have is that the business model used to do it favors only the company and not the consumer.

That's enough for now. Peace!

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Joy said...

Hope you stay safe and that Irene fizzles out into the Atlantic. Doesn't sound as if it will but it's possible.

Have a good school year!