Monday, August 22, 2011


This is the 1,503rd post on this blog. I know that 1,500 would have been the more socially accepted milestone to recognize but if you've read more than one of the 1,503 posts here, you know that social acceptance isn't necessarily a relevant criteria.

The first post was back on June 24th, 2004 - that was 2,615 days ago. The average over the life of this blog is a post every 1 3/4 days (I can assure that the standard deviation is a bit high considering all of 2010 there were only 42 posts).

I've talked about some very deep and important things here and complete nonsense along with just about everything in between. I've laid out a lot of me here - the good, the bad, the ugly and whatever else that can't be described by those three adjectives.

Most special of all, is that there are people who give a crap enough to read it. I've met such an eclectic and wonderful bunch of people through this medium and while a few years back, blogging was as hot as facebook and twitter are now, I still think it's a wonderful medium and I hope we see a bit of a resurgence to keep it alive.

I have no idea where specifically this blog will go from here other than I am just going to go on being who I am and talking about it here and hopefully, you'll come by every now and again to say hi and hang out.

With love and admiration,

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