Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Social Networking in Action

There was a 15 minute span of time this evening where I was able to actively engage with over a dozen friends living across the country; this was a social networking gone right. No, we didn't come up with a cure for anything but we did enjoy each others company, share some laughs, and we all engaged - something that sometimes people believe is less likely to happen in a social networking interaction.

It all started with Meg who posted this:
Movie game! The actor I was given was Matt Dillon.
Movie I loved: Something About Mary.
Movie I liked: Wild Things.
Movie I hated (only by virtue of never seeing it?!): Herby Fully Loaded.
This was a tough one for me! "Like" this post and I'll give you an actor!

Of course, I "liked" the post and awaited my actor assignment which led to me posting this:
Movie game! The actor I was given was Tom Hanks
Movie I loved: Big.
Movie I liked: Forrest Gump.
Movie I hated: Cast Away.
"Like" this post and I'll give you an actor!

Then, the flurry of likes, responses and retorts - it was great and even continued. Yes, I really enjoy exploring how social networking can reach beyond the inevitable "just killing time" or "messing around" and while what we did earlier was more of a fun interaction, it really does illustrate a framework for effective communication.

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