Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Almost Nothing

Today was the first day of classes for the fall semester and predictably at this point, it was a madhouse (as will the rest of the week). It never ceases to amaze me how people consistently prove one thing as a group, their lack of intellect.

I know, this seems harsh but should it really be unusual for the simple expectation of an incoming college student is the ability to read - even at a 4th grade level?

At 7:00 am there were over 50 help desk tickets specifically related to on of two possible "problems'. Both are addressed on the screen where those potential problems can present themselves, literally right on top of where they might present themselves - it's almost impossible to miss but sure enough - they did.

Another new thing we've implemented is this neat self-service password reset tool. The tool does require a one time simple registration so to promote it, we made it so the first time a student logs in, the enrollment screen appears smack dab in the center of the screen and it occupies a good percentage of it. I watched student after student completely ignore it, close it by clicking the tiny X in the upper right and then - wait for it - a portion of those braniacs ask how to change their password immediately after.

On the positive side, there's people in the hallways and there's so much positive energy and hope abound with our new president. Here's to the new school year!

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