Monday, September 12, 2011

Battle Fatigue

Today was the official end of the first week of the semester and while it usually remains crazyish for another week, it does begin to fade out somewhat until finally leveling off before the next round of crazy. We are short staffed so it's been quite a challenge but I think we are doing fine - it does have me a bit scrambled at the brains though.

There was a 9/11 remembrance at school today but I had to skip it. I just couldn't bring myself to endure more of it after a full day of it yesterday - it weighs too heavy.

I just received an invitation to a wedding in New Orleans in November. I wish it wasn't until next July, when I am scheduled to be there on someone else's dime - I want to go but have to figure out how I can pay for it - finances are tight these days.

I had a weird momentary breakdown at dinner time so I decided to balance things out by doing another hour on the treadmill and I feel better for it. A few more weeks will mark a full year of daily excercise without missing a day.

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