Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blivet Smokescreens and Other Hogwash

In my continuing series (that can end at any time) of nonsensical, yet whimsical titles for blog posts that have nothing to do with said title, here are a few new nuggets to chomp on:
  • Happy the Yankees clinched the division though I am not confident there pitching can survive the post season.
  • I watched a good chink of The X-Factor - nothing special, it's really just Idol with a few minor changes.
  • I went ahead and watched the Two and a Half men season premiere with Ashton Kutcher - it was funny though I'm not sure I'll continue watching.
  • I used to have a mad crush on Jenna Elfman but then I found out she's a Scientologist.
  • While I love R.E.M. and their music, I applaud their decision to break up for the reasons they chose. I just hope it's not only for the purpose of reviving interest later in a reunion setting.
  • Nice to have TBTL back with new episodes this week.
  • I am shedding my Kindle. I never really used it or thought of a good use for it - my sister in law wants one, it's her birthday, she's pretty great - I'm shipping it to her.
  • Heading into Boston for a conference on Assistive Technologies tomorrow - should be a nice change of pace.

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