Saturday, September 24, 2011

Have Your Cake and Listen Too

As I type this post, I am listening to the current album by the band Cake called "Showroom of Compassion". Once again, I must say these fellas put together a nice collection of music - what a consistent group of musical dudes - you gotta love them.

Been struggling a bit lately - still keeping with the program of exercising every day (today is the 350th consecutive day) and trying hard to eat right (35 pounds lighter than I was 350 days ago) but it seems to have gotten to a point where it's hard again. I went through a really hard time at the start because I also gave up processed sugar - the withdrawal symptoms were super rough at first but as time went on, slowly but surely, it became much easier. It really then became about choosing good foods, nutrient dense calories and portion control. For a long time it had leveled off and was pretty smooth sailing but geeze, the last few weeks for some reason have been hard, perhaps the added stress of the start of a new semester, I don't know - it's just freaking hard - but, I know now as I did from the beginning that this journey to health would be one day at a time. Hopefully, my next sugar test will be better than the last two.

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