Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poached Biscuits in Congealed Egg Sauce

Yes, the title of this post is peculiar but haven't you come to expect such peculiarities from me on occasion?

Stupid Facebook went and changed things up again. Lots of complaints and buzz mixed with a lot of people who don't want to hear the complaining because:

We bitched last time they changed things and eventually got used to it - that will happen this time as well. This is not a valid reason not to complain if you are unsatisfied with the services (or lack) being provided and/or how they are being provided.

Get over it, it's free - nothing to complain, just leave if you are so unhappy. True, it's free but customer satisfaction should be important because if indeed everyone that was unhappy did leave, it would hurt Facebook significantly because there entire business model depends upon the size and diversity of it's user base - we the users should matter more.

Which brings me to those asshats at Netflix - what kind of dickface is this guy? CEO sends an email apologizing but then describes in detail how what he ultimately did was fuck us over incorrectly and explain how he has made changes so he can fuck us properly - what an asshole - see ya Netflix.

Done for now.

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