Thursday, September 08, 2011

A Very Brief Mention of Politics

"Hate to say it, but the American public lacks the intelligence to self govern, we've proved it time and again. Just my two cents."

"I am a Christian and am even an officer at my church. However, if the only criteria I had to choose a president was their religion, I would choose an Atheist over any other religion any day of the year. Also, I think clergy and churches should be taxed."

What are your thoughts on the two quotes above? I have very strong thoughts about them, since they are my quotes and sentiments. I am so sick of the ridiculous political banter in this country. I am not going to say that Obama has been brilliant and perfect - not by any means whatsoever. However, to say that his time to make a difference has passed is a bit silly since more than 80% of the national debt was accumulated in the eight horrible years of the worst president in history, George W. Bush.

And I am so fucking sick of hearing these bible-toting republican candidates and their skewed vision of how the world is supposed to work.

If you are a political conservative based on traditional fiscal conservative views, I say go for it - even though I disagree with almost every modern viewpoint on fiscal conservative policy because it only favors the wealthiest people on the planet and offers a giant go fuck yourself to everyone else but at least your basing your beliefs on political ideology. However, if you are a social conservative - pro-life, bible-belt, bible-toting, bible-bearing, bible-as-a-rulebook Republican/conservative I truly wish you and all those like you would find a new country to destroy, get the fuck off of my television and leave me the fuck alone with your stupid views.

I'm just sayin.

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