Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Bundle of Life all Rolled Up In a Short Period of Time

As difficult as it was to go visit a friend knowing it is likely the last time I will see him alive, as I write this knowing he passed the next day (and while I was out of town), makes me grateful that I had the chance to be there by his side, him knowing I was there, and telling him that I loved him.

Saturday was a joyous day as I trekked to the county of Westchester in New York to gather with a group of old friends for our semi(ish) annual reunion (thanks again John and Jane - the most generous and gracious hosts ever). Featuring a surprise appearance by Schmidtty, the reunion was such a great time and lasted until the early hours of this morning. My child stole the show during our infamous karaoke segment but didn't make it any less fun for the rest of us to mangle once popular songs (and endure a dreadful Doors medley).

This morning, I awoke a few hours before anyone else so I took the liberty of letting Holly Jolly, the D family dog, out and watched Spongebob waiting for other to arise. Jane made a trip to Dunkies for Bagels and donuts and treated me to a delightful steaming cup of coffee and just before her return, one by one, the others made their way out of their sleeping quarters for some breakfast. I hit the road just before noon and made it back before 3, dropped of my kid at her mom's then returned home to spend some quality time with Pontious Pilates before showering and then watching the Pats take on the Cowboys.

While a tough game, I am happy that the Pats took the win - they did it for Gerry! After the game, I decided to go visit the grand opening of the first Wegman's supermarket in MA. Wegman's is a very interesting store - I picked up some groceries and then watched The Amazing Race before getting to this blog post.

The week ahead is filled with a bunch of things, including dental surgery on Tuesday and what promises to be the A/V day from hell on Wednesday. I'm sure most of this isn't at all interesting to the average reader but I needed to put it out there to free up some space in my running thoughts brain database - you understand.



radioactive girl said...

I am glad you got to have some fun to balance out the sad of your friend visit. I'll be thinking good thoughts for you for your dental stuff. Yuck! I hope it goes well!

Chris said...

Tori - Thanks - all good thoughts are welcome :)