Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day Notations

I finished the Keith Richards book. If you are a music fan, a stones fan and/or a Keith Richards fan - I recommend this book. I'll post a more thorough review over at Book Me In later. And, I have begun reading Notes from an Accidental Band Geek.

I haven't touch the curtain rods - I've stared at them a few times; does that count?

I seem to have injured my left wrist a bit (no wisecracks). I blames Pontious Pilates - Yesterday, I did a treadmill workout along with some ab stuff and a bit of stretching but today, while the wrist is still in a smidgen of pain, with the help of a brace, I forged ahead and did both a treadmill workout and a Pilates workout. Thus far, the wrist seems okay, still not 100% but certainly no worse than yesterday.

I watched the Breaking Bad season finale this morning an all I can say is OMG! What the heck are they going to come up with next year.

Nice to see the Pats beat the Jets. I'm no Jets hater but I am a Rex Ryan hater and he only proves more and more how inept he is as a coach. However, The Jets defense was rather impressive and fortunately, as bad as the Pats defense it, it was better than the Jets offense. I'm convinced that if there is raw potential to be realized in Sanchez, it will never happen with Rex Ryan as his coach.

Enough for now.

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