Monday, October 31, 2011

Deviled Eggs II - The Sequel (oh, and Juice)

Remember the deviled eggs post from a week or so ago? If not, here's the link to it ( My daughter asked me if I would make them again for her so of course, I obliged and took the chance to tweak the preparation a bit. Here a photo of how the turned out:
Pretty? Heh? I could be fancy and use a piping bag for the filling but I went rustic, especially since they were going to be devoured minutes after preparation. BTW, they were so yummy!
After a couple of decades of faithful service, my old Juiceman Juicer finally passed away. I juice just about every day so I needed to replace it quick and while I long for a Vitamix, my wallet is not thick enough right now to spring $400 on a blender so I replaced the 20+ year old Juiceman with a 2011 model.
This is the Juiceman JM550S and now, three uses in, I'm impressed overall. Much more powerful than the old model and the food chute is 3" wide, I put and entire apple in (just like in the photo) with no problem. Oh, and $79.99 at WalMart, can't beat that!

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