Wednesday, October 05, 2011

For Gerry

I haven't know you all that long, certainly not nearly as long as most of the other folks we know in common. I have known you long enough though to know that you are a good guy, you have a great laugh, and you are well loved by those folks I mentioned earlier, that we know in common. I wish I had more time to get to know you better, hear more of your stories, just hang out with you more.

While your age might indicate to some that you've had a full or at least a long life, isn't that all relative? And the circumstances of what you are dealing with now, at least to me, see such circumstance always seems. This is one of those thing that makes those of us with faith question such faith because it's hard to resolve that one should have to have suffer as much as you have recently. Regardless, while I do believe in miracles and I continue to pray for one - mostly I pray for you to resolve this whole experience however it may please you.

I know that your family and friends will miss you deeply but will always have the great memories you left them with. I'll do my share, as your friends, to help them resolve their grief as I will need them to resolve mine - in the end, we'll all be certain where you'll be and do our best to find comfort that you are at peace and your spirit will remain with us always.

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