Saturday, October 01, 2011

Nothing About Fonzie

Decided to go food shopping in a different town a bit out of the way partly for variety and partly to be somewhere further from where I can be recognized but colleagues, students and the sort and wouldn't ya know it, I run not into one, but two colleagues. No biggie though - it's not like I've grown a new eye socket on my cheeks, but it's nice to have a full day off and leave everything about the workplace back at the workplace.

Still working my way through Keith Richard's book. It's a very interesting read but a long one and my spare reading time is kind of short. Speaking of books, My friend Erin's third book was released on 9/1 but the release party is tomorrow afternoon - I am looking forward to that little party.

Tomorrow I will release the third and final installment of the recent music podcast series - thanks to all who've listened; it's been fun making.

Yankees just wrapped up game 1 of the ALDS with a 9-3 victory; hopefully they can take it all the way - one game at a time.

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