Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Stuff to Say

I had some periodontal surgery today, which was not comfortable after the Novocaine wore off but I'll manage; despite not being able to consume hot things and solid food doesn't work too good either. The answer, smoothies and vegetable juices.

I'm a little behind grading student work so I'll be getting to that shortly after posting this.

Here's an awesome post friends reunion email that "our" Jane sent to everyone:

Dear Friends,

My family and I just ate pork tenderloin, corn pudding, pasta primavera, green beans and salad. It was more fun the first time around, but it beat making dinner!

Loved seeing all of you.

My top 10 list of the evening (not necessarily in this order):

1. Vicky singing
2. Janine walking through the screen
3. Roberto making out Robert Schmidt's face
4. S'Mores by the fire
5. Jerry's high kicks
6. Seeing Caroline, Vicky and Elizabeth bonding
7. Seeing Andrew, Timothy and Nicholas chillin'
8. Janine after two Cosmos
9. See #2
10. Being together

Love to all.

That note is just one reason I love my friends - not certain I could've said it better. Actually, I am certain, I couldn't! However, I will reaffirm how much I love when we get together.

Finally, a YouTube video of some kid that will make you smile (unless you are Satan):

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