Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday 13: In Arm's Reach

Here are thirteen things that I can reach without moving back, forth, or to the sides (I can however spin around up to 360 degrees).
  1. Travel size Gold Bond Body Powder
  2. 12 ft. tape measure
  3. flipCam
  4. Packaging tape
  5. a VHS tape
  6. 18" wood ruler
  7. Blow dryer
  8. Flash Drive
  9. Envelope moistener (with adhesive)
  10. Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons
  11. A bottle of Sobe Fuji Apple Pear lifewater
  12. A recipe for "Traditional Southern Deviled Eggs" (by Paula Deen)
  13. A roll of Christmas wrapping paper
I could certainly go on and elaborate on where I am, why those items are within reach, or discuss briefly the idea that at any given time there are at least 6 others humans in the world with a list as unusual - instead, I'll stop here and go to bed.

Good night my blogger friends.

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