Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wasteful Student Gets Caught

Student (holding a printout of a paper and using it as a prop): How do I get the printer to not print on both sides?

Me: We don't allow single-sided printing in the lab - all instructors here must accept double-sided printing.

Student: Oh (befuddled look on her face), it's for a class at another college.

Me: Then you'll have to print it elsewhere, perhaps at that other college.

Student: Why don't you allow it?

Me: It's wasteful and costly and instead of raising student lab fees, we were able to offset that increase by maximizing our paper usage.

Student: (expression on face that implied cluelessness or not giving a crap about anything but her needs) Whatever, it's so unfair?

Me: Just curious, are you not printing it at that other college because they charge for printing (we currently are one of the very few who do not charge a fee per page to print).

Student: (No verbal response, just an expression that indicated she'd been caught being an ass).

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