Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Snew?

The joys of New England living and unpredictability of the weather came into play last night as it snowed a bit. This morning, as I was driving my daughter to school, I noticed a fair amount of snow (considering time of year and lack of snow on the ground) and said to my daughter this exact statement, "check out that car, I didn't know it snew that much last night."

SNEW? What's snew (not much, what's snew with you? - sorry, I had to do it). Seriously though, I really said that and it was totally a brain fart, I am well aware that snew isn't an actual word but it just came out of me and almost instantly, my daughter and I busted into uncontrollable laughter the rest of the way to school.
I still think the iPad is a piece of crap and even more so every day. Every time I come across a web site that doesn't work because crApple doesn't want to play nice with the industry standard plug-ins, I cringe at the audacity of them.
I recently decided to shop around for new car insurance and homeowners and am glad I did, save about $400!
I got nothing else - for now.

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