Monday, October 24, 2011

Yet Further Proof

My last post, from just hours ago, was an example of people that don't suck, a seemingly rare thing. Well, something I've know for a few years now, rather someone I've known for a few years is snother such example and a constant reminder that extraordinary humans do exist.

I get home from work and stop to grab the mail. When I open my mailbox, I see this package in there - I love getting packages but usually, I expect them because they are things that I have ordered. I grab the package and immediately look at the address label having already considered it was a misdeliver but then I saw my name, and address on the envelope and immediately loooked up and to the left to see who sent this surprise package and was very touched at the name I saw.

Here's what was inside:
A container filled with lovely Caramel Dipped Cookies and an even lovelier note. Here's a person whose schedule is filled to the brim, someone whose had more curveballs thrown at them that Ted Williams and still manages to find the time to be so kind and wonderful to everyone.

It didn't take much more than a minute to bring tears to my eye and while this weekend was filled with tears of sadness as a group of us mourned the loss of a friend, today, thanks to my wonderful friend, I got to find some balance. I'm very touched - so much so taht I did something I ahven't done in more than a year - I ate a cookie! And boy, was it awesome!

Thanks so much for completely making my day!

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