Monday, October 24, 2011

A-Z Meme

A is for Age
B is for Bed Size
C is for Chore That You Hate
All Chores - Cleaning is the worst
D is for Dogs
None (I have an awesome cat)
E is for Essential Start To Your Day
Lately, exercise and a giant protein smoothie
F is for Favorite Color
G is for Gold or Silver
H is for Height
I is for Instruments You Play
J is for Job Title
Technical Specialist, Blackboard Learning System Administrator
K is for Kids
Daughter (13 yrs old)
L is for Live
M is for Mother’s Name
N is for Nicknames
None at this time
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays
Two - fortunately, neither was fatal
P is for Pet Peeve
Being wasteful
Q is for Quote From A Movie
“These amps go to 11”
- This is Spinal Tap
R is for Right or Left Handed
S is for Siblings
Older brother and younger sister
T is for Time You Wake Up
5am on the weekdays and 8ish on the weekends
U is for Underwear
Boxer briefs
V is for Vegetable You Hate
None that I know of, I like my veggies
W is for What Makes You Run Late
Being around other people who run late
X is for X-Rays You’ve Had
Many, many, many
Y is for Yummy Food That You Make
Caramelized Salmon
Z is for Zoo Animal
I snatched this from Ria's Blog

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