Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  • On Ricky Gervais returning to host the Golden Globes: Bravo to the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. for hiring back the best awards show host in a very long time.
  • On Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars - big fucking deal, he hasn't been funny or relevant in a long time.
  • On the idea of black Friday: everything, and I mean everything about it is stupid and meaningless and it only serves to diminish the spirit of Thanksgiving and he holiday season that follows.
  • On this headline, "Rihanna Named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive": No fucking way!
  • On the Nick and Artie show: "It's good to hear Artie again".
  • On Hope Solo being eliminated from DWTS: It was the right move if we're judging the dancing. I hate to see her go because there's something quite delicious about her.
  • On this statement in the news, "A report released today by the Republican leaders of a Congressional committee calls for the Transportation Security Administration to slash its work force, minimize its role in screening passengers and make public its performance results, among other recommendations.": First time I've agreed with a Republican in a long time. I hate the TSA!

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