Sunday, November 20, 2011

Connecting Souls

I wrote this poem in May of 1999:

Connecting Souls

From yesterday, a soul was lost
a spirit hidden deep
a mind so full of life and dreams
a heart laid down to sleep

For six long years, all words were lost
a life so numb and dark
till one day, I looked before me
and a light came from her spark

It started in her eyes
so blue, the ocean’s roar
my heart no longer dormant
my soul began to soar

In the mirror of her heart
I’ve found the me I know
the dreams I lost in yesterday
are free once more to grow

Connecting souls have found their way and thus,
my heart once more can feel
inspired by the heavens
this gift of love, so strong, so real

With purpose in my life once more
and dreams of what’s to come
I’ll try to heed the prophet’s words
and nurture what’s begun

Come take my hand, oh precious love
let’s walk new roads together
as the moving sea between our souls
flows into forever

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