Saturday, November 05, 2011

(French) Quarter of Nine

I started my day with a 7 am workout in the hotel fitness center; it was my first ever workout on an elliptical and I'm not yet sure how I feel about that.

I had a little breakfast, in the hotel lobby, then hit the showers while trying to figure out how to best kill a couple of hours before the wedding this afternoon.

I decided to takes stroll through the French Quarter so off I went first to Canal St. from here, then down Bourbon, then down St. Peter on to Decatur and then some equally random method back.

I'm certain the FrenchQuarter at night is very, very different at night but I am also guessing the morning view tells something of a story about what the night might be like.

I found it very interesting that everyone seemed to be scrubbing down the streets with soapy water and water hoses and there were these large trucks also spilling out soapy water at high pressure... made me very curious about what it is they might be scrubbing away.

Bourbon street is loaded with adult oriented establishments, Larry Flynnt's name seems to appear on every block. I made it down to the famous Cafe du Monde but was unwilling to endure a very long line to get in so I just continued to soak up the vibe of tourists, vagrants, artists, musicians and whatever else was available.

Looking forward to the view at night. Later for now.

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