Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Inspiring Minds

One of the adjunct English professors is having her student do a pretty cutting edge assignment where they are creating a video essay. She did this once before and it was kind of thrown together and I was called in to support the project in its technical aspects and manage the flipcam loans and teach how to edit video. The end result was very interesting and I think some learning was dome by the students and those of us in the role of educators.

For this semester, I was again called in but dates changed and I had to present to two sections, one at 8 and the other at 9 this morning. I had no real time to prepare so I did my presentation off the cuff and tried to apeal to the createive aspect of the project and reach the students from a different perspective. Apparently, it worked. Here's a note I received a few moments ago from the teacher that assigned the project:

Dear Chris,

Your presentation today was terrific. It was spot on, inspiring and moving. You expressed the nature and heart of the project so beautifully. It really helped move the understanding of the project along. The students were spellbound. Can you please bottle it so we can use it again?

Thank you.
Pretty rewarding.


Joy said...

Way to go! What a meaningful, appreciative note!!

Chris said...

Joy - it brought me joy!