Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Next Up in Podcast Land and Other Things

  • I came up with an idea for my next music podcast series: "Only God Knows Why: The Legend of Johnny Kool". This is the title of a CD I created as a gift to my brother John. There is an interesting mix of songs and liner notes that I wrote and I'll be sharing it all in a 3 part series. The thin is, my time is super limited in the very near future so I don't think it'll be ready to go for like two weeks or so.
  • Hopefully mentioning it here will serve as a reminder to me to get on it. Marc Maron is doing a live WTF podcast here in Boston at the end of January. I really, really wanna go - I just may!
  • I must get a haircut tomorrow! Travel anxiety is about to kick in.
  • It's good to hear Artie Lange again - here's to staying healthy Artie!
  • I'm still digging House - Hugh Laurie is so f-ing great.

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