Saturday, November 19, 2011


  • I don't recall if I ever posted the symbol above. A few years back at work, I was having one of those weeks (or two) and decided to emulate Prince by changing my name to a symbol; the graphic above was (unofficially) my name for a time (LOL).
  • I got a bunch of assignment marking done. Sometimes that can be painful!
  • How do I motivate my 13 year old daughter to do better in school? She's so intelligent and smart but she just won't do her work and I have no idea why! It makes me so sad because I know she has so much potential and I want her to have opportunities.
  • I was quite touched at the farewell of Regis from morning television. I went to college a few blocks away from the studio where Live is recorded and back at the very beginning of the show, before it went national and Cyndy Garvey was the co host, I was an audience member a few times.
  • Cheers to Sprizee for giving BOA the boot. I too have such aspirations but I haven't gotten around to it as of yet.

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