Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seasons Change(d)

Here we are just a couple of days from Thanksgiving and I find myself in something of a mixed mood. This particular season of holidays has been quite tough for me to get through for quite a few years, since the passing of my parents.

I've always loved Thanksgiving. For most of the past number of years, I spend it at my friend Linda's house with her family. It's always a good time there - the food id good, the company is good and there's always plenty of wine and games and good fun with good people.

As Thanksgiving closes though, I get haunted by my old days in retail, of which that world has become even more demonic with the advent of "Black Friday" and the sort. The idea that now people will alter their plans for Thanksgiving so they can get up at the crack of dawn (or earlier), trample people to death if necessary (it's happened) to save $11 on some piece of shit that will likely not even be appreciated.

All that shopping mentality and running around frantically, creating unbearable traffic and making the everyday necessary commutes less bearable than they already are, it so not conducive to the spirit of the holiday season.

Here's to getting through it all.

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