Friday, November 04, 2011

Travel Anxiety

I love going places but al most always hate getting there. Air travel is so over-stressful thanks to the stupid TSA (and of course the slighlty stupider terrorists that gave rise to the TSA). I am trying to make it so that my travel for this trip is all carry-on but I am now forced to pay very close attention to the vague details of TSA carry-on policies that seem to vary from agent to agent despite being written a particular way that would make them appear to be standardized to the average (and perhaps even below average) traveler.

The good thing is I am going to New Orleans for the first time! My friend Michelle, an old neighbor growing up, is tying the knot. Michelle's brother Dave and I were in the same Boy Scout troop - he'll be there, I haven't seen him in decades. My dear friend Jen is her Matron of Honor - so it'll be good to see her and I presumer Michelle's other brother Matt along with ehr parents will be along and who knows who or what else will happen but I am ready for some fun!

I will report to y'all from NOLA tomorrow-ish!

TSA check was like nothing. All that anxiety and preparation and I barely got a feel on the calf.

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