Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cards

I remember when I was a kid and my dad would prepare his Christmas cards. He at first had a paper list, with all the names and addresses written down and he would work his way down the list, checking off each name, sometimes over the course of a few days, and get the job done.

I remember one day asking him if he would like me to type the list out for him so it would be neater and after getting the go ahead, grabbed the old Royal manual typewriter out and typed away. I remember having to correct typos using this little card you would but between the paper and where the letter struck the page and it wold cover the error with a white dust that you could type the correct character over. Later, "Wite-Out" came along - it was pretty cheesy!

Years later, when I left the flock and lived on my own, I took on the tradition of writing out Christmas cards of my own and followed in my Father's methods of making a neat list, though in the mid 1980's, I had the sophistication of using a computer to maintain the list.

I kept up the tradition of sending Christmas cards until the year I separated from my ex-wife, where things were just awkward and tense. The following year, once the divorce had been final I decided I couldn't afford to send cards out any longer, which kind of still bums me out but money's much tighter with just my income and spending over a hundred bucks to send out cards just has to get dropped from the budget.

There was also a long period of time where Christmas, and holiday's in general were very difficult for me. Not having my parents around has made them so much darker than they ever were, that is, until my daughter came into my life. I've always tried to work hard to make the holiday special for my kid - it's a bit more of a challenge with two households to bounce between but she's a teenager now and is much more aware and flexible.

I just read this back and it seems to have transformed from a neat memory to a therapy session. Regardless, it's in print now. I hope all of you enjoy your Christmas :)

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