Sunday, December 11, 2011

Customer Loyalty Means What?

It pisses me off that every time I see a Verizon add trying to attract new customers, the deals they offer are better than what I get as a loyal customer for many years. I'm picking on Verizon in this particular example but they are not alone in this practice.

Through my last billing period, I had been receiving a $20 per month "loyalty" credit that expired. I called to ask if I can continue to receive this to which they outright said, "NO, I am sorry but we can't offer you that promotion any longer. You can downgrade your package though to save money." WHAT? Downgrading my package wouldn't "SAVE" me anything - sure I would pay less, but I'd be getting less and just as now, would be getting what I pay for and paying for what I receive - no more "loyalty credit" though I am remaining "loyal".

I told the woman I spoke with that I understand that she is doing her job and that it may simply not be in her authority to offer me more. I told her to leave a note for a supervisor to return a call to me though because I am considering cancelling all services and switching to the competitor after teh new year unless I can get a rational and/or honest response.

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