Friday, December 02, 2011

December Birthday's (Some of them)

Jennifer Oberle - Happy to have gotten to see ya twice this year - your gig in Stamford with Five for Fighting and just last month at Michelle's wedding in NOLA. Keep on rockin' dear friend! One day, I'm gonna make it out to LA to hang with you and Stevie.

Jill O'Connor - Enjoyed hanging on Thanksgiving - still love the Dictionary game a bunch!
Allie G - so super glad we've reconnected via FB. I hate that you've had to go through some crappy stuff recently - get your but up to MA and teach me some of that Zumba.

Carol - yours is the one birthday easiest to remember cause of course, it's the same as mine! Happy B'day cuzz!

Rob Marinoff - BUBBA!!!! the official necrologist of FB!

Kathleen (White) Lennon - We've known each other over 40 years! I'm fairly certain you were my very first crush - LOL! Miss you old friend.

Steven - My nephew - your a fine young man....hope to see you soon!

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