Thursday, December 01, 2011


After getting increasingly sicker since Saturday, what started as an allergic cough has knocked me out. I haven't slept more than 2-3 consecutive hours since it started and the last few days have seen periods of high fever.

This morning I sought medical attention and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and left with a script for antibiotics and narcotic based cough medicine.

I can only hope that the infection is bacterial, so that there is hope that the antibiotics will cure the infection and I can get some relief.

Having had a similar thing in the past, deep in my brain, I know it will go away but geez, when cough to the point where your breathing is impaired, feel like your lungs are bleeding through your nostrils - it's hard to think about anything but wanting relief.

However, in the moments, though very brief and rare, where I find a position where I can breath and not cough for more than a few minutes in a row, I stop and realize that this is really nothing compared to what others with more serious illnesses endure. It's not to minimize the severity of what I have or the pain I feel, it's to appreciate that my body is well enough to heal from this and in a few weeks, it will be a thing of the past while there are so many people of so may different ages and walks of life who battle far more serious illnesses.

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