Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tire(d) or Car Ownership Has It's Drawbacks

It started on Monday night. I was at church for a vestry meeting and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I hit a pothole and immediately my Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light went on. I shouted an expletive then pulled over to assess the damage and couldn't see well but didn't think it looked as if there were a flat but I drove home slowly just in case. When I got the car in the garage, I put the lights on and again, no sign of a flat and I thought perhaps the TPMS light came on coincidentally at that time and it was just my air pressure was lower than it should be and a warning to that effect.

This morning, again, I inspected the tires and no apparent problem but I decided to go to a gas station for air and check the pressure all around and top off where necessary and monitor for a leak. I get to the station, add a bit of air to one tire, then go to the next to add air and the valve gets pushed all the way in rendering the tire flat and useless without repair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that half the way to the gas station, I remembered that I have my own air compressor just for this purpose in my garage and could have added air right there at home. Anyway, in my dressy work clothes, I had to change a tire (I could have called AAA and usually do but I had getting to work on my mind and that would have taken an additional hour).

So I get to the Firestone shop, where I have a road hazard warranty and hope for the best. Turns out that while the tire valve repair was free, thanks to the road hazard warranty, my TPMS sensor was broken and need replacing - this wasn't under warranty. The guy said her can get one sent over from the dealer relatively quickly so I decided to wait.

Long story (literally) short, around three hours all together and approximately $81 later, I drove off to work.

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