Friday, December 30, 2011

Two for 2011

On this penultimate day of the year 2011, I'd like to pay tribute to the two people who in 2011 I consider to be the most inspiring and amazing people of the year.

Number One, is the one and only Radioactive Girl, Tori. If ever there was someone the complete opposite of selfish, Tori is the one. Constantly putting others before herself and proving that there are good people in this world, certainly at least one, Tori is one of a very few people I know that constantly inspires everyone around her to be a better person. Despite adversity, Tori forges on, shoots for the stars and finds a way to reach them - plus, she's just about the best parent I've ever known.

Number two, Matthew Bolduc. At the age of four and a half, Mattie was diagnosed this year with Leukemia. In the seven weeks or so from the time he was diagnosed, Matthew showed everyone what bravery and courage meant and fought with all that he had - and won! Matty won his battle with Leukemia, going into remission in a very short time after treatment; he also won our hearts (not that he hadn't done that already) and taught us all a lesson about overcoming odds, fighting - even when it seems there is so much against your control, and about the power of prayer and love.

Torrie and Matty - you've both made me a better person and the world I walk in a better place; much love to both of you and here's to a great 2012!

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