Monday, December 05, 2011

USPS Woes, It's Their Own Damn Fault

There's a lot of talk about the USPS and the trouble they've been in and today, they announced they are now likely to close many of the processing facilities that are "crucial to next day delivery". So it looks like "snail mail" will evolve truly into "Snail mail" and in fact, there is talk that ultimately, mail delivery will go down to one day a week.

It's kind if sad but no surprise. The post office is such an unappealing place and so poorly run, it surprises me that they were able to survive as long as they have. Most postal workers have horrible personalities and are mean and angry - amongst the worst customer service workers I've ever seen.

Then, anytime I have packages, there seems to be zero consistency about how to mail it and how much it will cost. Every different counter jerk has a different story about why I can't send it this way unless I send it that way so so forth. Then, the amount of paperwork is insane and there's zero logic to any of it. It shouldn't be so fucking complicated to send a simple package and you shouldn't be so fucking mean to me when I am trying to do it. So, in a few months when you are out of work, I am not really going to feel so freaking bad for you because you've treated me like shit for ever.

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