Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wah, Wah, Wah

Email from a student after seeing the grade they earned in my class:

Hi Prof,

l am really surprise about my grade , i am just going crazy right now. l need to get at list C to move on to next level. Please can you help me by giving me some assignment to do to get a better grade , even if you want me to come take final i am ready for it. Please help me, ls really hard for me , i can't even get money to take this class again. l am single mom, struggle to get better life and beside i paying for my own tuition. Please help me out and i know is hard. Thanks

I made it clear after posting the grades that if you wanted to dispute or question your grade, that they had to refer to the grading methodology on the syllabus and show me their computation before we can move foreward. So I told the student to re-read the requirement on Blackbaord (the online classroom) and get back to me. Here't the student's reply:

Hi Prof,

l read what you had on black board , but all i am pleading with you is to give me some assignment to do to boost my grade to C. l even thought i was going to get B in this class. l knew i did good in my Quizzes and the office assignment and you were even give me 83% . So i don't see why you going to fail me at the end of this course. Please help me , am not feeling good right now. l am ready to rewrite the assignment on discussion or take some quizzes again. Thank You!

The student is clearly in a fog - so I replied as follows:

The problem is why did you think you deserved a B? Look at your grades for each component of the course and do the math - the formula is on the syllabus. There are no surprises here at all - if you are paying any attention at all to your grades, you would not be surprised in any way, that's why I want you to do the math and present it with a rationale for why you think the grade is wrong (or realize it is right).

As far as giving you another assignment or additional work, I can't do that for you - if I do, I would have to do that for the entire class and every student in all of my classes or it would be unethical. The semester is over, the grade reflects the work and effort put in throughout the semester - you had plenty of opportunities to improve your grades throughout the semester - I provided comments throughout on the Discussion boards each time so you can improve but you didn't seem to follow any of my advice or notes.

There's nothing at this point you can do to improve your grade and I feel unreasonable to ask. If you knew at the start of the semester you had to get at least a C, then you should have done everything in your power to do work that reflected the grade you wanted to achieve and monitored your work throughout so that you could stay on track.

I wish you the best of luck.

Some of these people need a real kick in the arse!!!


radioactive girl said...

I can't imagine why someone would think they deserve extra special treatment and could make up for an entire semester of not working hard by doing one extra assignement! Wow. People are clueless sometimes I guess. Sorry you have to deal with this!

The way I stalk my grades on blackboard and start watching the minute after I take a test or turn in a paper and then figure out my grade constantly to make sure I'm on track is crazy but I guess better than the alternative of not ever checking and expecting a good grade and not getting it.

Chris said...

Tori - The most frustrating part of these exchanges as a teacher, and mind you, they are not uncommon, is that the student will often put more effort and energy into such a ridiculous please than they did all semester and if they paid the same attention during the course, they would have done fine.