Thursday, December 22, 2011

The X Failure

A few hours ahead of the winner being announce on The X-Factor, I want to officially declare the show a failure. I hope Josh wins, I think he's the best of the three finalists but regardless of who wins, where the ratings for the season ended up, the fact is, the show is a failure.

The show is about finding talent, mentoring that talent, then seeing them through the competition. The focus of the show, for the most part, should be on the contestants but clearly, the egos of the mentors/judges was far too big and dominated the shows to the detriment of the viewers and especially, to the contestants trying to realize their dreams.

If you happened to see The Voice, which premiered last year, this show is similar conceptually only it ended up working because the celebrity mentors put the contestants first, and checked their egos outside the building demonstrating mutual respect for each other and setting a good example to the contestants.

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