Friday, January 20, 2012

And Here We Go Again...Almost

At our college, there's something awrty with the timing and as such, our spring semester beings on Monday the 23rd. So, today was the last quiet-ish day before the first week (or two) insanity ensues (yet again).

My teaching schedule is amped up a bit this semester with two additional courses. While the workload will be greater, it'll help pay for the dental work I need to get this year. Also, they are half semster courses on Saturday mornings so while I'll have four total sections, I'll never be teaching more than three at the same time (though one is accelerated so twice as many assignments to grade in the same time).

I am planning on visitng hte Boston Wine Expo tomorrow. I've been itching for a Vitamix for a million years and the Northeast sales rep is demo-ing the product there and has a good value available, plus he's paying for my admission to the wine expo.

Looks like the college is going to book my July conference travel early, which is cool, pretty much an assurance that I get approved to go. New Orleans, get out the welcome (back) mat! Anyone that reads this planning to be in or near NOLA July 9-13?

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