Sunday, January 08, 2012

Brand New Opinion

I've put out my share of negative vibes about Russell Brand. While I still think he's kind of greasy looking, I recently took the time to listen to a long form interview he did with the great Marc Maron.

I have to say I found Brand a rather interesting story teller and his life rather interesting. Also, he openly admits to his past addictions and his work in recovery and has also done a commendable job using his celebrity to help others.

I don't know that I am a fan, I've not much enjoyed any of his stand-up comedy nor have I found him compelling in his film work but that just means he's not my cup of seems to me he's making a concerted effort to be a decent human being and I can't find any fault in that.


Bruce said...

He's Sketchy

Joy said...

I think he's clever, quick, and smart. I also think he's funny. Don't think I'd like to know him personally and be around him, though.